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Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology offer courses in the following areas:

  • Work and health
  • Interaction Design Sciences
  • Air pollution and health hazards
  • Organization and leadership
  • Risk management
  • Thermal environment
  • Ageing and design 

Most courses concern different aspects of human-technology interaction. 

There are a number of courses for students in the engineering and industrial design programmes in which they acquire fundamental knowledge about work environments and how humans interact with technological systems.

A number of advanced courses are also offered, intended for different Faculty of Engineering programmes related to our areas of research. These include physical ergonomics, human-machine interaction, risk management, work organization and aerosol technology (airborne particles).

We also offer courses for target groups outside of the Faculty of Engineering, focusing on such areas as usability in computer interaction and housing planning, as well as human indoor environments and extreme thermal settings.

Students can carry out their master thesis research at EAT. For more information, contact Aneta Wierzbicka, director of studies, 046-222 40 14 or Lena Leveen, department administrator, 046-222 46 95.



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