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In Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology we carry out research on the interaction between people and their surrounding environment and what this means for the design of technology, technological systems and organizations. This field is often called human-factors engineering.

We pursue in-depth research with the world-leading laboratories for aerosol technology, thermal environment and visualization at our disposal. Yet we also demonstrate considerable breadth in our ability to see the bigger picture and go beyond the boundaries of the discipline. Our activities are almost always part of a larger context through our participation in comprehensive, complex studies.

Work is central in the lives of most people and has significance for an individual’s identity. To understand how people at work interactive with each other and with technology requires knowledge from many different fields. This is the case no matter if you work in healthcare, social services or heavy industry.

Among the many factors that determine how a work environment comes into being, technology and its design often play a decisive role. It is important that engineers and designers early on in their training are given the opportunity to study the work environment area. 

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