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Healthy Indoor Environments

Centre for Healthy Indoor Environments

The centre for healthy indoor environments (CHIE) is an international centre that aims to create a communication platform promoting healthy indoor environments. The focus lies on research initiatives for knowledge provision and solutions for societal challenges. 

The overall goal is to understand how to create sound and sustainable indoor environments to promote human health, well-being, productivity, creativity, to address new environmental stressors (due to a changing climate) and societal needs (aging population, increased sensitisation and prevalence of disease) while at the same time strive for the sustainable use of resources.

We aim to bridge different research areas in order to understand the complex interactions taking place in indoor environments and determine which research methods and assessment tools can be used. 

Healthy Indoor Environments Pufendorf Institute Members

Chemistry in indoor air and the role of human occupants

Seminar by Charles J. Weschler

Date: 2017-09-13 10:00-11:00

LocationIKDC, Lund University

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