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Academic work:
Theses and more are available under publications.

One compulsory course for medical technology is offered under spring term:
Human Performance in Extreme Environments (MAMF35, 7.5 credits)

Two elective courses are offered every year (in Swedish):
1. Human Performance in Extreme Environments (TFRC70, 7.5 credits)
2. Human and Indoor Environments (TFRC05, 7.5 credits)

Apply for a course at the following website:

Theme Days:
The following Theme Days (in Swedish) for industry, community and authorities have been organized since 2006 in the scope of the Center for Personal Protection.

2019 November 14, ClimApp
2018 October 29, Assessment of climate impact during work and leisure time
2017 November 2, Cold! Assessment of exposure, impact and protection
2016 October 27, Work in heat - stress, standards and solutions
2015 November 23, Ascending evacuation on long stairways
2014 November 11, Heat and cold, work environment and personal protection
2013 October 22, News within respiratory protection, effects of clothes from heat to cold, and risk for slips and falls
2012 March 8, Nordic and European research on PPE
2011 March 2, Heat and cold in personal protective equipment - smart solutions for improving comfort
2010 March 4, Personal protection in extreme environments
2009 March 4, Clothes for protection,
2008 February 21, Respiratory protection
2007 March 7, Personal Protection in Rescuing Service,
2006 February 7, Environment and Personal Protection.

Vattenhallen Science Center
Another way to reach general public and schools in order to increase the interest in technical sciences is to participate in the work of Vattenhallen Science Center.