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TFRC05: Humans and indoor environments

Typically, we spend 90% of the time indoors. Due to heat waves and virus pandemics the time spend indoors may increase even more. Several physical components of the indoor environment such as thermal conditions, air quality, sound and light often give rise to complaints, discomfort and in the worst case, illness. How to create healthy indoor settings to promote well-being and productivity? What is the role of ventilation on perceived indoor air quality? How to reduce spread of disease indoors? How to minimise effects of heat waves? A prerequisite is the latest information and scientific findings, which this course provides together with understanding of complex interactions between people and different components of indoor environments and the need for holistic approach. Future engineers and professionals need to have knowledge of people’s needs, conditions and limitations when constructing and managing different environments for people.

Credits: 7,5 
Grading scale: Pass/fail
Location: Distance course, via Zoom
Period: Course is given once per year in the autumn (September-January).
Time: 2 hours/week

The course will be given in English, upon request in Swedish.


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Course start: September 2, 2020

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This course is entirely given as distance course (via Zoom). No physical meetings will take place.


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