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Thermal Environment

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The activities of the Thermal Environment Laboratory comprise research about effects of the thermal environment on humans, as well as development of methods for assessment and design of such environments for safe and optimal function for human occupancy. Research is also undertaken on personal protective equipment. Work includes experiments on human subjects as well as fundamental studies of thermodynamic processes. A general description of research topics is given below:

● effects of thermal environments on human health, function, performance and comfort;
● identification and description of thermal risk factors in various environments;
● development of models for risk assessment related to thermal stress and strain;
● strategies for prevention and elimination of risk factors and risk environments;
● thermodynamic processes related to human heat exchange;
● ergonomic aspects on design and use of personal protective equipment;
● development of methods for measurement and evaluation of thermal environments and thermodynamic processes.

Apart from research the competence, expertise and measuring facilities can be used for measurement and evaluation of problems related to thermal factors:

● testing of personal protective equipment, in particular clothing;
● education and lectures;
● guidance and consulting work.

Detailed information on our ongoing activities can be found under projects section.




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