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Kalev Kuklane

Year of birth: 1968

Origin: Võru, Estonia

Present position: Assoc. Prof., Ph.D., docent

Previous positions:
1995-2000 - doctoral student at Luleå University (1997-2000 employed by National Institute for Working Life, Sweden)
2000-2002 - research engineer at National Institute for Working Life, Sweden
2002-2003 - research engineer at Lund University

Võru Fr. R. Kreutzwald Secondary School No 1 (1986)
Tallinn Technical University, Estonia (1993) Engineer in Building Technology
Luleå University, Sweden (1995) M.Sc. in Ergonomics
Luleå University of Technology, Sweden (2000) Ph.D., thesis: "Footwear for cold environments: Thermal properties, performance and testing"

Estonian, Swedish, English, Russian

Additional training:
Military service in engineering troops 1987-89 (last year as sergeant)
Svenska Överlevnadssällskapet: Survival in wilderness, 1 week, 1999
Teracom: Working at heights, 1 week, 1998
NIVA: Health in cold environments, 1 week, 1998

Research interests:
Thermal manikins and models
Thermal physiology and thermo-physics
Clothing physics and clothing-wearer interaction
Testing methods and choice of footwear and clothing
Ergonomics and functional design of protective clothing and equipment

Research projects on thermal protective clothing and protective equipment, heat and cold stress
Member of the Organising Committee for NOKOBETEF 6 and 1st European Conference on Protective Clothing (2000)
Member of the Organising Committee for 11th International Conference of Environmental Ergonomics (2005)
Participating in the work of CEN/TC 162/WG 4 and CEN/TC 161/WG1+WG2
Visiting researcher at Institute of Labour Medicine, Russia, Kyushu Institute of Design, Japan and SINTEF Unimed, Norway

Sample projects:
- Work in heat: participating in studies about work in heat
Holmér I, Gavhed D, Karlsson E, Kuklane K & Nilsson H (1997) Belastningsstudier av rökdykning vid extrem strålningsvärme. Arbetslivsrapport 1997:11, Solna: Arbetslivsinstitutet.
Smolander J, Kuklane K, Gavhed D, Nilsson H, Karlsson E & Holmér I (1999) Effectiveness of a light-weight ice-vest for body cooling in fire fighter's work. Research and development report , Karlstad: Swedish Rescue Services Agency.
Kuklane K, Ohlsson G, Nilsson H & Holmér I (1996) Värmebelastning vid arbete i Ringhals reaktorinneslutning. Arbetslivsrapport 1996:14: Arbetslivsinstitutet.
- Work in cold: organising and carrying out series of questionnaire and field surveys at customs, harbour, high masts and milking farms
Gavhed D, Kuklane K & Holmér I (1999) Mastarbete i kyla. Arbetslivsrapport 1999:22, Solna: National Institute for Working Life.
Gavhed D, Kuklane K, Karlsson E & Holmér I (1999) En pilotstudie om arbete i kyla - frågeundersökning och fältstudie. Arbetslivsrapport 1999:4, Solna: National Institute for Working Life.
Gavhed D, Fredriksson K, Kuklane K, Holmér I, Norén O. (2002) Arbete i kyla i mjölkproduktionsanläggningar. JTI-rapport, Landbruk & Industri, 290.
- Barents Interreg II: risk assessment and management at cold workplaces
Hassi J, Mäkinen T, Holmér I, Påsche A, Risikko T & Toivonen L (editors) (2001) Developing tools for risk assessment and management in cold environments. Final report.
Risk assessment and management of cold related hazards in arctic workplaces: Network of scientific institutes improving practical working activities. Final report. Oulu Regional Institute of Occupational Health, Finland
Hassi J, Mäkinen T, Holmér I, Påsche A, Risikko T & Toivonen L (editors) (2002) Handbok för kallt arbete. Arbetslivsinstitutet.
- Insulation and thermal properties of gloves/mittens, headgear and footwear: Coordinator for interlaboratory tests on thermal foot models
Kuklane K, Holmér I, Anttonen H, Burke R, Doughty P, Endrusick T, Hellsten M, Shen Y, Uedelhoven W (2003) Interlaboratory tests on thermal foot models. Thermal Environment Laboratory, EAT report 2003:01, Department of Design Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.
- Subzero: validation of ENV 342, measurements of thermal insulation on manikins: Responsible for reporting on physiological data (check also related publications by Kuklane and Holmér from 2nd ECPC)
Meinander H., Anttonen H., Bartels V., Holmér I., Reinertsen R.E., Soltynski K., Varieras S. 2003. Thermal insulation measurements of cold protective clothing using thermal manikins. SUBZERO project, final report. Fibre Materials Science, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland.
- Thermprotect: Assessment of thermal properties of protective clothing and their use: Responsible for planning and reporting on manikin and physiological data form Lund, and WP3 (cold).
Havenith, G., Holmér, I., Meinander, H., den Hartog, E., Richards, M., Broede, P., Candas, V. 2006. Final technical report. THERMPROTECT. Assessment of Thermal Properties of Protective Clothing and Their Use. EU-project, contract G6RD-CT-2002-00846

Teaching qualifications:
Several seminars and some separate lectures and laboratory exercises within some courses at National Institute for Working Life, e.g. lecture on thermal aspects of protective clothing for safety engineers, thermal environment evaluation laboratory exercises etc.
Assistant supervisor of M.Sc. project work for international course in ergonomics students (4) from Luleå University of Technology.
Preparation and carrying out laboratory exercises for students.
Supervisor for master project at Industrial Design, Sixten Heidmets with Healthy Design: Better Boston Brace & Soft Support, 2005.
Preparation and carrying out laboratory exercises in courses of extreme environments, indoor environments and work physiology (see Education for more information on courses).
Supervisor of a group in working environment course.
Improving pedagogical knowledge on following courses at Lund University:
Pedagogical introductions course, 2003;
Pedagogical inspirations course, 2004;
Docent-course, 2005.

Interaction with industry:
Most of the projects have involved or carried out by the order of industrial partners. Co-operation with manufacturers protective clothing and footwear, for example Arbesko AB, Taiga AB, TST Sweden AB has been most extensive for their product testing and development. During field studies the industrial users have been informed about the use of safety products or their equipment has been evaluated.