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Aerosol Technology

MAM242 and TFRG10, 7,5 credits

What do you know about the nano-sized particles in the air?  Can we measure them? What happens with them when you breathe?

The course Aerosol Technology MAM 242 will give you answers to these questions and many more. You will also learn how the airborne particles affect our health and climate and what their fate in the atmosphere is.

Aerosol technology is frequently used in various industries for example in the pharmaceutical industry and in nano technology, during the course you will get to know how.

The course will give you a thorough insight into the physics and chemistry that govern airborne particles as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of particle characterization through demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Invited guest lectures, experts in their fields, will present industrial and scientific applications.

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Course syllabus

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At Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, aerosol research in the international frontier is conducted in cooperation with the department of Nuclear Physics. The aerosol laboratory at Ingvar Kamprad Design Center is among the most modern worldwide, with a unique instrumental setup.

More information about our research:

Aerosol Research at EAT





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