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At Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology we carry out research on the interaction between people and their surrounding environment and what this means for the design of technology, technological systems and organizations. This field is often called human-technology systems.

For us, this is about participating in and designing environments for the good of people based on the United Nations’ Global Goals. Our research is carried out in workplaces and in other settings where people reside in their daily lives. We pursue in-depth research in our world-leading laboratories for aerosol technology, thermal environment and visualization. Yet we also demonstrate considerable breadth in our ability to see the bigger picture and go beyond the boundaries of disciplines. We are often included in larger contexts as part of extensive and complex studies. Examples of this are our coordination of and participation in the establishment of several research centres and networks, which you can learn more about on their own websites: 

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Global Goals at Design Sciences, LTH

At Design Sciences, we start out from the UN’s Global Goals to create sustainable living conditions for everyone. For us, it’s about designing technologies and environments for the good of all people based on these sustainability goals.

How we work with the Global Goals - on Design Sciences' webpage


Anders Gudmundsson
Head of Division 
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Erik Andersson
Research Coordinator
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Jessika Sellergren
Communications manager
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