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Günter Alce

My PhD work will include the design of visor based augmented reality systems that will support and initiate activities for users in a pleasurable way. The following research areas will be in focus:

1.   User studies

  •  Through a user centered approach, user studies will be carried out
     using ethnographic inspired methods such as participative observation in real
     life scenarios, where the focus will be on  the user(s) and their context.
  •  Qualitative and quantitative data will be collected and analyzed.
     Example of a research question:
     What should the AR visor offer the user in different contexts?

2.   Develop and evaluate different interaction techniques for visor based augmented
      reality systems.

  •  Example of interaction techniques are gestures, gaze and speech.

3.    Develop a prototyping methodology that takes into account:

  • Varying degrees of fidelity of the visor based augmented reality system
  • Environment and context fidelity
  • Possible test environments include the usability lab at Sony Mobile Communications and the virtual reality lab at Lund University.

    Example areas are:
    Human factors
    Example research question:
    How can accommodation-vergence conflict affect task performance and perceived comfort?

    Example research question:
    How can context aware functionality ensure that the users' attentional resources are not overloaded?

    Affective user experience
    Example research question:
    What subjective experiences do different interaction techniques give rise too?
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Günter Alce

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Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology

Department of Design Sciences
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