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CV shorted

Current position and academic leadership

Professor emeritus with contract (Department of Design Sciences) 

Chairman. Department of  Design Sciences Working Group for Sustainable Development - The Long View


Assoc. prof degree (Sw: Docent) in Physics (1975). Ph.D Applied Nuclear Physics (1973). Licentiate of Philosophy, Nuclear Physics (1970). MSc, Physics and Mathematics (1973). Bachelor of Medicine (1979) – 5,5 y preclinic and clinic studies (1983). MSc in Scientific Subjects Education (1973). Certified ergonomist.

Positions held (S)

Senior professor (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology) 2012 -2014. Professor (Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology) (1983 - 2011). Assoc professor at the Swedish Board of Natural Sciences, placed at the department of Nuclear physics, Faculty of Engineering and at the department of Environmental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University (1977-83). Assoc professor in physics at the university of Jönköping, to a great extent on leave of absence keeping teaching and supervision on the 4th semester (thesis work) for the safety engineering programme (1979-83).  Research Associate, Department of Oceanography, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fla, USA (1974-75). Shorter periods as acting professor in Environmental Medicine.

Membership in scientific societies

  • Human factors network (Sweden) (HFN)
  • Ergonomic and Human Factors Society, Sweden (EHSS)
  • Human Factors and Ergonomic Society/ European Chapter HFES/EC
  • International Ergonomic Association. Technical committee for sustainable development.
  • Resilient Health Care Net (RHCN)
  • Swedish Network for System Safety (SNSS)

Past academic leadership (S)

Group leader for the project group “risk management” in Lund University centre for medicine and technology for working life and society (METALUND) (2007 - 2011). Director of Change@Work – a multidisciplinary centre for research on man, technology and change at work at Lund University (1995 - 2011). Dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Lund University (1993-96). Head, Department of Industrial Engineering, Lund University (1990-98). Deputy dean, School of Mechanical Engineering, Lund University (1990-93). Acting head, Department of Environmental Medicine (shorter periods).

Chair positions (S)

Board of the School of Mechanical Engineering, LU (1993-96). Board of the department of industrial engineering (1983-90, deputy; 1990-98). Research committé, School of Mechanical Engineering, LU (1990-96). LU centre for environmental measuring technique (1992-94).

Member of other boards (S)

LU School of aviation (1999 - 2008 ). Council for learning from incidents and accidents at the Swedish Rescue Services Agency (2006-2008); LU centre for health economy (1998-2000). Swedish Centre for Aviation R&D (2000 - 05). The Swedish ergonomics society (1987-91). Editorial Board Journal of Aerosol Science (1987-91). Appointments board, School of Mechanical engineering (1987-93). Environmental Studies Programme, LU (1970-83). The MISTRA board of the major research programme “Sustainable buildings” (1999-2003). (shorted)

Supervisor for PhD student

RA has been the main supervisor for about 20 examined PhDs and about 10 licentiates.

Evaluation and expert tasks (S)

RA has been member of the examination board for about 40 PhD-students in many different areas mainly physics, medicine, human factors and mechanical engineering. He has also been expert in about 20 appointments for professor or associate professor. He belonged to the international committee of the Swedish work environmental fund (1985-91) evaluating proposals. He has also taken part in several evaluation groups for the Swedish National Science Foundation and the Swedish council for working life research evaluating research proposals. He has been referee on maybe hundred or more research proposals.

RA was member of the Nordic expert group investigating the base for co-operative Nordic risk research (1998-99).

Recent activities

RA has been project leader of many mono- and multi-disciplinary projects. Recently he was active in the EC-project HILAS (Human integration into the life-cycle of aviation systems), the MSB-project (MSB - the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) FRIVA (Framework programme for risk and vulnerability analysis/management), the MSB-project LINS (Learning from incidents for safety in dangerous activities), the project Human Factors in Air Navigation Services supported by the Swedish LFV group – Airports and Air Navigation Services, some Eurocontrol activities. The TEMPUS-project AETCUKR (Aviation Emergency Training Centre in Ukraine) was finished some years ago as was a major project around Maritime Safety.

See current projects!

International activities (S)

Akselsson has been member of many committees for international scientific conferences. Currently he belongs to the technical programme committee for three conferences: ESREL (European Safety and Reliability) and Transnav. He is also member of IEAs (International Ergonomics Association) Technical Committee on sustainable development, and of ESRA (European Safety and Reliability Association) Technical Committee on Integrated Risk Management. He was chairman of the 1988 European Aerosol Conference. He was an invited research associate at Florida State University 74-75 and was a guest professor at TU Delft during a short spring 2001. He has taken part in 4 EU-financed projects.

Teaching experienies (S)

Akselsson has very long experience of teaching engineering, safety engineering, medicine and risk management students at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in topics such as man, technology, organization and risk management; human factors; working environment, and further back in time aerosols, environmental medicine, nuclear and reactor physics. The vice chancellor of Lund institute of technology nominated Akselsson as the Lund candidate for the Levi-prize 2009 – a prize given by the Swedish Association for Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) to a person teaching engineering students on working environment in relation to efficiency and health. He has been the main supervisor of about 20 now examined PhD students and about 10 other now examined licentiate students and he has been assistant supervisor of about 10 now examined PhD students. Akselsson is several times a year acting as speaker about his research area in non-academic fora. He has also had half-day lectures on Risk and Safety for managers in different sites in Sweden.

Publications and participation in international scientific conferences

RA has about 150 publications in international scientific journals and proceedings for international conferences. He has been invited as speaker to several international conferences.

See my publications on Lund University Publications site (LUP).

Short story

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