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PU = Public

RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services)

CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)


 List of deliverables

Del. no.Deliverable nameDissemination level
D1.1Project manualPU
D1.2General project presentationPU
D1.3Activity reportsPU
D1.4Management reportsPU
D1.5Project risk management planPU
D1.6Reports on gender equality and science and society issuePU

Report on assessment of operational parameters on tar and alkali emissions

D2.2Report on particle size and mass and composition and its impact on gas cleaning device and catalytic systemPU
D3.1Report on system design and laboratory testingCO

Result from pilot testing and specification of optimised system

D3.3Particle measurement upstream and downstream high temperature filterPU
D4.1Report on sorbents for alkali and sour gas removalRE
D4.2Thermodynamic process model for the fate of inorganic trace elements throughout the systemRE
D4.3Report on bed materialPU
D4.4Report on online tar analysis and possibility for improvementPU
D4.5Comparison of on-line measurement techniques and standard tar measurementsPU
D4.6In-bed sulphur capture, a report on the state-of-the-art literaturePU
D4.7Report on the fate of ammonia during POX conditions and evaluation of the removal processesPU

Analysis of catalyst contaminated on the gasification stream

D5.2Report on catalyst formulation vs temperature and sulphur tolerancePU
D5.3Report with choice of system, catalyst and kinetic dataPU
D5.4Report on impact of particulate to catalyst in different environmentPU
D5.5Computer simulation reportPU
D5.6Validation of simulations reportPU
D5.7Evaluation of suitability, costs and operations reportCO
D6.1Catalyst recommendation, reportCO
D6.2Delivery of reactor system including iso-kinetic sampling probePU
D6.3Report on system integrationPU
D6.4Demonstration, final reportCO
D7.1Available data report for set-ups on test run conditions at Gussing plant streamCO
D7.2Assessment of operational parameters on large scale testingCO
D7.3Long-term large scale testing stream catalytic-systemPU
D8.1Establishment and maintenance of a public web site PU
D8.2Publication planPU
D8.3Summary of reviews on contaminates identificaion and cleaning system resultsCO


 List of Milestones

Milestone number

Milestone name
M1.1Kick-off meeting, establishment of management/communication structure
M1.2Decisions from PMG regarding current review of process configuration (D5)
M2.1Availability of on-line (real time) characterization of particulate phase in flue gas
M2.2Assessment of particulate impact on gas filtration and catalytic poisoning
M3.1Assessment on analysis data for particle removal
M4.1Demonstration of in-bed S capture in interaction with in-bed tar reduction
M4.2Demonstration of sorbents for combined alkali metal and sour gas removal
M5.1Improvement of catalyst formulation based on poison and reaction condition
M5.2Final choice of system and catalysts
M5.3Selection of catalyst, verifaction and testing for demo unit
M6.1Choice of catalyst for pilot plant
M6.2Demonstration completed
M7.1Novel cleaning system to achieve a pure gas required for downstream upgrading to clean syngas
M8.1Evaluation of process configuration based on involved impurities and cleaning systems (All partners)
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