Magali Ljungar-Chapelon

Project Manager, Researcher and Tutor in Digital Representation

Magali Ljungar-Chapelon’s research field is Virtual Reality based performances, i.e. to create and analyze artistic processes and experiences for audiences physically immersed in three-dimensional imaginary worlds. As an artistic researcher, she is particularly interested in interactive virtual reality based performances involving the human body. She seeks to launch and/or analyze artistic processes and knowledge experiences engaging the audience as actor-spectator in time and space. She has a background within the performing arts and social and political sciences and her work is interdisciplinary and collaborative at the crossover between several art forms and disciplines: 3D-art, archaeology, dance, music, architecture, interaction design, technical communication and psychology. At a theoretical level and from a hermeneutic perspective she addresses how artistic research and digital technology linked with other disciplines might generate shared cognitive maps and new knowledge. In her latest research studies, she explores new ways to engage audiences in a sensory time travel experience as actor-spectators and interpreters of Bronze Age iconography.  She is now engaged within a group of researchers and artists in an interdisciplinary project called “Experimental Cultural Heritage”. As a project manager for the Department of Design Sciences and within the frame of Lund University Cultural Forum, she develops networks for collaborative research and organizes workshops between the Department of Design Sciences, the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts and the Humanities.


MLC is a project manager, researcher and tutor at the Department of Design Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, a tutor in research methodology and examinator at the Faculty of Fine and performing Arts, Lund University and a senior lecturer/researcher at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Linneaus University.

Further information

  • Ongoing research project: “Experimental Cultural Heritage”
  • Home page with videos concerning the sketching process of a sensory time travel experience about Bronze Age iconography, a so called “Virtual reality Arts Play” within an exhibition context at The Cultural Historical Museum of Österlen, Southern Scania.
  • In her doctoral thesis Actor-Spectator in a Virtual Reality Arts Play MLC brings to the fore the specificity of the artistic experience when the Virtual Reality Cube, a medium based on immersive virtual reality technology, is used as artistic virtual space, where the stage and the auditorium blend into one and spectators and actors no longer have distinctive roles. Research results are exposed and illuminated through semiotics and hermeneutics and she coins the term virtual reality arts play to characterise this new kind of immersive journey between illusion and reality.



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Culture in in the European Arena between Romanticism and Economic Growth, A new challenge for the cultural sector in Scania? Department of Political Sciences, Lund University.(Master thesis)


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