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Hillevi Hemphälä

Current professional interests and activities

Visual ergonomics

How does the visual environment effect our wellbeing and performance?

How should for example the lighting at our workplaces be designed.

How should the visual environment be designed to reduce eyestrain and musculoskeletal strain?

How does correct power in spectacles and glasses effect eyestrain and musculoskeletal strain?


Current Projects:

Energy efficient and healthy lighting – with a focus on non-visual flicker

A two year project starting January 2014. How do we respond to non-visual flicker from fluorescent light, halogen light and LED light? The LED light sometimes have a higher modulation than the old type of fluorescent tubes with conventional ballasts. The effects of this have not been studied thoroughly before.

Development of a Visual Ergonomics risk analysis method

Together with researchers at Gävle Högskola and KTH a visual ergonomics risk analysis method is being developed during a three year period, starting January 2014. 90 individuals from different occupations are being offered a free course in Visual Ergonomics if they help us evaluate the method at 10 workplaces. The purpose is to make a tool to evaluate the visual environment at workplaces.

Lighting recommendations at minimally invasive surgery

Together with the hospital in Helsingborg a study is being performed to increase visibility on the computer screen while performing minimally invasive (peep-hole) surgery. No European lighting recommendations exist for these type of surgery.



Hillevi Hemphälä

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