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Johanna Persson

Johanna Persson is a researcher within the field of human factors and interaction design at the Department of Design Sciences, Division of Ergonomics. Her research interest deals with the interaction between people, technology and design. It includes the use of human-centered methods in the design and usage of new technology based on an explicit understanding of users, tasks and context. The empirical cases are mainly within healthcare, with the work environment as a central aspect. In her PhD project she studied how visualization and simulation technology can be a support for learning, planning and participation in the healthcare context. 

Reserach interests

  • Interaction design
  • Visualization and simulation
  • Human factors and Ergonomics
  • Work environment development
  • Focus on users and use context
  • Applications in healthcare


  • MAMN25 Interaction Design (course responsible, lecturer)
  • MAMA15 Interaction Design, basic level (contributing lecturer, supervisor)
  • ETIF20 E-health (contributing lecturer)
  • TFRF45 Patient Safety (contributing lecturer)
  • MAMM01 Degree project in interaction design


Johanna Persson
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Tel: +46 46-222 43 58

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