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Evaluation of the effect and suitability of using virtual reality for vision therapy


Exjobbspresentation den 28 maj, kl 09.15

Sanna Evertsson och Christofer Larsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Evaluation of the effect and suitability of using virtual reality for vision therapy den 28 maj, kl 09.15 i sal DC:567 på IKDC, Sölvegatan 26 i Lund. 

The complications after a stroke can be many, but one of them is losing parts of the visual field. If the visual field loss is the same on both eyes, the condition is called homonymous visual field deficits (HVFD). The consequences for a patient suffering from this can be problems with driving, reading, mobility and other simple everyday tasks. The aim with this study was to investigate if a certain virtual reality method is a viable solution for vision training and if the technology is suitable for patients with HVFD. In this project, a literature study, a test study and a usability study has been performed. These studies resulted in a thorough evaluation from several perspectives. The usability study showed that the existing virtual reality method is experienced as effective, efficient and satisfying. This study also showed flaws in the system and the equipment. The test study involved patients with HVFD and indicated to some extent that the vision training improved the participants’ visual skills and facilitated the daily life activities. In order validate this further, a larger test study with more participants is needed.

Handledare: Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn
Examinator: Johanna Persson
Opponenter: Johan Flinke & Fredrik Hammar samt Therese Kustvall-Larsson & Lisa Silfversten