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Exjobbspresentationer i interaktionsdesign - 4 juni


Edvin Havic presenterar sitt examensarbete UI Builder – an Interface Building Tool for Generating React Native Code for Mobile & Web den 4 juni, kl 14.00 i sal DC:165 (ingång via VR-labbet).

This thesis investigates how a visual design tool for building cross-platform application interfaces for iOS, Android, and web can be constructed. The thesis explores potential solutions for problems related to code generation, mobile & web app development, as well as accessibility support across multiple platforms – all while focusing on the user experience of the visual design tool.

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson
Examinator: Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn
Opponenter: Nora Wernerson, Erik Söderblom, Björn Gummesson

Annie Önnered & Erica Karlsson presenterar sitt examensarbete Cross-Cultural Web Design for a Rule Based Marketing Tool den 4 juni, kl. 10.00 i sal DC:165 (ingång via VR-lab).

While flying today the passengers will receive static advertisements on the screens in front of each seat. Hence, the advertisements do not differ depending on the flight's destination, duration, or other circumstances. Our goal was to develop a marketing tool where airline marketing teams could specify under which circumstances a certain advertisement would be displayed onboard

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson
Examinator: Johanna Persson
Opponenter: Ebba Busch & Richard Magnusson

Carl-Johan Balck presenterar sitt examensarbete User interaction in inflight entertainment map application den 4 juni, kl. 9.00 i sal DC:165 (ingång via VR-lab).

Improving the inflight experience of passengers is a constantly evolving process. Many airlines are focused on new technologies that could further improve the user experience.

This thesis explores new ways to improve the user experience when interacting with an inflight map application. The focus has been on exploring the suitability of mobile augmented reality in a map application.

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson.
Examinator: Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn.
Opponenter: Simon Holk, Michael Young, Filip Borglund