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Kalev Kuklane shall leave Lund in January.

An overview on health risks of indoor heat
About a year ago was published our literature overview on occupational heat stress (Arbete och Hälsa 2017;51(7)). Now it is the time for a new one. On the commission of Folkhälsomyndighet did Karin Lundgren Kownacki write about problems with heat i indoor environments and about possible solutions ( Other involved persons who were involved in the work were Aneta Wierzbicka, Chuansi Gao and Kalev Kuklane. The report was a part of a larger project where several universities participated. All related reports will be presented under an event within the next months.

The Theme Day on personal protective equipment 2018 (mostly in Swedish) will be held on Monday, October 29, 2018. The Topic will be Assessment of climate impact during work and leisure time. More information with download links for invitation, program and registration is available under news in Swedish - Aktuellt and Utbildning.

A new doktoral student in the area of human thermal environments
Jakob Petersson started working with us in May. His tasks in the beginning will be related very much to ClimApp, and specifically to the use of the physiological models in it.

We have had a guest doctoral student Róbert Toma from Brno University of Technology for some time now. Róbert studies the methodologies of measuring and calculating evaporative resistance of the clothing systems with a thermal manikin. Soon he will return to his home university where he will repeat the tests on their Newton type of manikin.

ClimApp news
Chuansi Gao prepared an application and received EU funding for a project called ClimApp. The project with 9 partners from Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands is funded by European Research Area for Climate Services (ERA4CS), and is to integrate climate service data with human heat balance models to develop personalized thermal evaluation tools, suggest adaptation strategies to cope with thermal climate stress. The existing and improved human thermal models, heat and cold stress indices including Wet Bulb Globe Temperature, Predicted Heat Strain, Predicted Mean Vote and Required Clothing Insulation are incorporated to develop a mobile phone App (ClimApp) to cover a wide range of thermal conditions. Researchers, stakeholders and end-users will be involved in the development process. Kick-off was on September 26, 2017, and now the first version for Android phones is available for download at

Continued multidisciplinary co-operation after Pufendorf themes
Pufendorf Institute themes HEAT and Healthy Indoor Environments have continued in their own way. The special issue of International Journal of Biometeorology on multidisciplinary approach to climate change (HEAT) is available at Both themes continued with project applications. Some were successful, e.g. Heat-Shield (, and the co-operation continues through involvement of Chuansi Gao.

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