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Exjobbspresentationer i interaktionsdesign - 10 juni


Anton Kemvik & Nils Goksör presenterar sitt examensarbete Data Visualization of Product Relations - An Interactive Virtual Reality Solution den 10 juni, kl. 10.00 i rum DC:165 (ingång via VR-lab).

We have created a Virtual Reality application to visualize product relations within the product range at IKEA.

The application combines known research in data visualization, such as visual encodings and gestalt principles, with the advantages of 3D visualization and VR.

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson
Examinator: Günter Alce
Opponenter: Petter Haglund & Kristoffer Mårtensson

Petter Haglund och Kristoffer Mårtensson presenterar sitt examensarbete Simple and Secure Video Sharing den 10 juni, kl. 11.00 i sal DC:165 (ingång via VR-lab).

Axis Communications provides complete surveillance systems and are currently transitioning towards incorporating cloud services in their software products. This master’s thesis aimed to research the potential for using cloud services to share video recordings, as well as developing a prototype for this purpose.

Handledare: Joakim Eriksson
Examinator: Günter Alce
Opponenter: Anton Kemvik & Nils Goksör